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Iced Mint Coffee x 24 TINS

Iced Mint Coffee x 24 TINS

Littos® Coffee Chews - Iced Mint Coffee 24 tins

You just set a new PB on your morning run. So ready to hit the gym tonight. You are unstoppable and breaking barriers. This is what it means to be alive! Now, the only thing needed is the taste of victory.

Live life on the edge with our Iced Mint Coffee Chews. Power-packed, these delicious, good-for-your-teeth, and convenient tablets will keep you on your winning streak!


Made With Real Coffee | Authentic Barista Coffee Tastes x Fresh Breathe

Gluten-Free · No Added Sugar · Natural Xylitol

Anytime Anywhere · Handy Coffee Goes In Your Pocket

About. 25 chew tabs/pack x 24 tins

Ice Mint Coffee ++


Ingredients contained in our chews:

  • Creamer powder
  • Xylitol
  • Coffee powder 
  • Maltodextrin 
  • Flavour

*Equivalent caffeine to a cup of Double Shot coffee in each Tin




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