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About Us


Created for energetic lives, we are the Kiwi company that is keeping up with your lifestyle. We love caffeine and we want to make it handy for people like us who are on the go. For this reason, we are dedicated to coming up with crazy-cool and deliciously scrumptious ways to keep you groovin’.

We are captivated by the question: “How can we revolutionise convenience for active lives?” The first answer we gave is by cooking up our famous Littos Coffee Chews – coffee with bite! These have gone down a treat, but we aren’t stopping there!

Innovation is our watchword and we want to help people push against, nay transcend, that daily grind. Our ethos is to be on the go and help you to help you, well, get on the go! Since we are a busy and dynamic bunch ourselves, we are motivated to keep dreaming up fantastic products to give people that little bit extra – we want people to fly through their days.

One of our founding principles is environmental care! Because of that, all our products are designed to be environmentally friendly so you can be a lean and green caffeinated machine! Making caffeine accessible to pumpin’ lives, we are here for you.  Join us and get ‘Littos’.


Littos Coffee Chews - a chewable cup of coffee for fast-paced professional lives. 

  • No added sugar, but natural xylitol (Great for teeth & diet)
  • Gluten & lactose free 
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Can be used to kill sugar cravings